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Our Pitch...


Our Philosophy & Structure set us apart

Our Key Philosophical Differences from other CPA Firms

1. Our client focus is the family unit - Not just the companies they own

  • Our focus is on you, your spouse and your children
  • Our goal is to help your family create wealth, not just your companies
  • We help insulate your family from the business, legal and tax risks inherent in business
  • We act as a family mentor to police and evaluate your legal, insurance and investment advisors. We keep them honest

2. We are an Entrepreneurial firm of business people as well as CPA’s

  • Our partners have and still own other companies
  • They know what it takes to run a business from your perspective
  • They have experience in turnarounds

Our Structural Differences from other CPA Firms

1. We are a Multi-disciplinary firm

  • We have an MBA, Tax Lawyer, an Engineer and CPA’s working in the firm.
  • The MBA role is business consulting, corporate finance and M&A.
  • The Lawyer leads our tax department that creates sophisticated tax plans: structural and procedural plans.
  • The Engineer helps in SRED and manufacturing clients

2. We offer numerous value added services

  • Detailed Estate planning which includes analysis of insurance needs, investment strategies, corporate risk assessment and tax structuring
  • We provide Will planning
  • Corporate finance and trade financing
  • M & A
  • Introduction to our network of experts and advisors in banking, insurance, investments etc.

3. We have a separate Legal firm associated with HS

  • This unique structure allows for client-solicitor privilege so that CRA cannot access private tax planning notes between our clients and the law firm. No other CPA firm can say this
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