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BDC Online Financing for Small Business up to $100,000

Dear Clients & Friends,

As an ongoing service to our clients, we want to inform you of a great BDC initiative.

BDC has announced an online application funding of up to $100,000 with the below terms.  This program is available to non BDC clients as long as they have been in business for at least 2 years and have more than $100,000 in revenue; and clients of BDC as long as their outstanding balance of any loans with the BDC is $90,000 and below.

Terms of lending:

  • Rate 2.80% * subject to change at any time
  • No principal payment for the first six months
  • Payment schedule are repaid over 60 months
  • Partially or total refund anytime with no penalty
  • No application fees

Please note:  If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, you must act quickly as BDC modifies it’s COVID-19 offerings on weekly bases & this program may disappear without notice.

To speed up the process of application please contact:

Keriann Johnson

Email: Keriann.JOHNSON@bdc.ca

T:   613-963-0032     C:  613-884-9660     

Alternatively, if you decide to go directly online, please put Keriann Johnson as referrer and let her know about the application as she can follow up if needed.

If the business is a client of BDC, you can apply through  Client Space

If a non client of BDC  you can apply directly:  Apply now!


Your HS & Partners Team