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Business Advisory Services

Charger Consulting Corporation is a sister corporation to HS & Partners LLP. Charger Consulting Corporation is (CCC) is a business advisory firm which provides quality and value-added personal and corporate solutions to all your business and professional needs.

Charger Consulting Corporation focuses on the entire family unit as the client. Our objective is to assist the family in achieving and maintaining its wealth by strategically managing risk from a global business, legal, tax, and financial perspective. In short, we are a “Mentoring CPA firm” to help business owners navigate their day-to-day business issues.

Our expert staff is comprised of, CPAs, MBA Business Advisors, an Engineer, and a Tax Lawyer who also work with other specialized consultants as part of our client’s management team. Together we strive to provide innovative solutions to our client’s business and professional needs.

Business Advisory Services

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to all your business and professional needs aimed at managing and protecting your wealth, ensuring that you receive comprehensive, synergistic advice to maximize your business and financial opportunities.

  • We help you to Grow your sales & profits, pay less tax
  • Banking/Financial Consulting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Forecasting/Banking Proposals
  • Performance Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Assessment Advisory
  • Training Programs for both the Private and Public Sector
  • Merger & Acquisition Planning & Execution
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Assessment of internal controls
  • Business plans and/or financing proposals
  • Cash flow analysis and projections
  • Review of employee benefit plans
  • Budget plan
  • Retirement savings planning
  • Planning to preserve FAMILY wealth
  • We help you to Grow our sales & profits, pay less tax

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