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HS & Partners LLP has been privileged to be in the trusted position of providing high level personal financial advice to various clients over the years.    Part of what makes HS & Partners a successful firm is that we are constantly striving to find new ways to add value to the services that we provide to our clients and their families.

To that end, we have commenced a valuable new program where we secure an arrangement with successful and experienced Financial Portfolio Managers (PM’s) to help our clients in two ways:

  • To obtain very comprehensive, personal and professional financial investing guidance
  • To save money on their basic accounting and tax fees from HS 

Basically, we know that PM companies are looking to grow their client base and are interested in our idea of a strategic relationship with HS for them to attract clients.  If HS feels a PM fits the needs of a client of ours, we will introduce that client to the PM.

If the client chooses to work with the PM, they will cover off the fees incurred for basic accounting and tax work and financial planning services if agreed.  These services will be outlined in an HS engagement letter so as to avoid any confusion or omissions of any of your expectations.

In short, our clients can work with qualified PM’s, pay the same normal fees they currently pay to a portfolio manager and save on their accounting fees each year!  For some clients, this savings could be in the thousands of dollars per year.

As a financial example, if a couple have a combined investment portfolio (non-registered and/or registered) of $1 million, the typical fees you would pay could be around 1.25%, or $12,500 annually.

With our program, anywhere from $4,300 to $6,250 of your HS services as outlined in your engagement letter would be covered annually by the PM as an incentive for you to use them.

We feel that this adds tremendous extra value to you and your family, and shows your portfolio manager’s commitment to you to provide a team approach working with you and HS.  This allows all aspects of your financial well being to be taken care of by high quality experienced professionals in these areas.

We would be pleased to speak to you about this program to see if it would make sense for you and your family.

Yours very truly,



Louis Sapi, CPA, CA, MBA