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Introduction to our network of curated mortgage brokers

To those in need of Guidance for Refinancing- We are here to Help!

Dear Clients & Friends,

As the economic effects of COVID-19 continue, HS & Partners understands that many of our clients and friends of the firm are experiencing liquidity problems. We want our clients to know that we understand and are determined to help alleviate some of the stress so many people are feeling right now. We do this by supporting those who are looking for guidance to determine their current best options.

As a CPA firm our responsibility is to advise our clients, and this includes supporting them with refinancing. To do this, HS & Partners has a network of specially selected, highly professional mortgage brokers who we feel comfortable introducing to those of our clients in need of refinancing.

HS & Partners encourages our clients to reach out and ask us questions. For any clients that are curious about their mortgages and best practices for the coming months, we are here to support you. Please let us know if you would like an introduction to one of our mortgage brokers.


Your HS & Partners Team